Although recently formed, the key personnel at Justappi Ltd have decades of experience in software acquisition/distribution, IT management, finance, online marketing and social media. With a wealth of experience behind us we have developed a five-year plan to establish Justappi.com as the leading provider/distributor of 3D print files in the world (and beyond, as some seem to be planning on building moon bases).

Our aim is to give maximum value, minimum fuss and simplicity, to you, our customers, in this fast changing industry. We shall keep things simple and allow for a high degree of flexibility to ‘change with the times’ as the 3D print industry develops. With a strong creative team incorporated, we shall not only seek to help maintain the development of the 3D business, but also lead the way where we identify areas to be pursued.

Our primary goal is to engage with our customers, to listen to their needs and take things on board. So we will always have an open book policy for new ideas and methods. You can contact us anytime with ideas, suggestions, even complaints, at feedback@justappi.com.